In need of a bit more square footage?

Having enough space in your home shouldn’t be considered a luxury and if you love where you live you may not be looking to move to achieve that. Thankfully, an extension is usually a great solution, allowing you to simply improve on the home you know and love without the massive upheaval that comes with buying and selling a property.

Bespoke extensions

Many people can be concerned about an extension as it can cause mess in the home and make it difficult to live in, even if this is for a short period of time. As all our projects are bespoke – and all homes are unique – we can’t say that this won’t be the case, but our project managers will be able to provide you with detailed information upfront, meaning you will know just how long the project will take and how it will impact your life.

You will be given a detailed breakdown of the work that will need to be carried out beforehand, and if at any point our team think it would be necessary for you and your family to temporarily vacate the property you will be informed in advance, giving you plenty of time to make arrangements.

We also take a great deal of pride in keeping to the style and period of your home, meaning your brand-new extension will blend in seamlessly to the existing portion of your home. Unless of course, you would like something completely different!

The end result will be a structurally sound and high-quality extension, providing you with much needed floorspace in the home you love. If that sounds like what you’re in need of then contact our team today. Email us at or you can give us a call to book in an appointment via 01248 552001.

Extending your kitchen?

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